Gliderol Single Skin Steel Manual Roller Doors

Roller Shutters Direct is happy to say we can provide some of the best Garage Doors available in the UK. Gliderol garage doors have great history in the UK and make a fantastic product.

Gliderol Garage Doors has been operating in the UK for over 30 years. Gliderol Garage Doors manufactures three types of garage door – a continuous steel curtain roller garage door, an insulated roller garage door and a sectional garage door complete with automatic operators for each door type. Our products are suited to both residential and commercial applications, ranging from residential home garages, to airport hangar doors, to self-storage facilities.

Gliderol Single Skin Garage doors work on the premiss that most garages are completely bare without insulation or heating. Why pay more for an insulated door when you will save no energy from it? In fact, a single skin solution brings everything – effective weather closure, robust security, durability, ease of automation – except the price premium of one expensive element – insulation!

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